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Opening an Instagram account, covering the bio and starting to upload content does not have much science. The difficult thing is to get these publications to reach many people, to like and interact with you and to add followers.

To help you in that task, here we leave you a series of Instagram tricks to make your account grow quickly, while offering a professional look.

Before uploading an image or video

Interact before and after posts. It is an unwritten rule, but it works. Before uploading an image or video, try to spend two or three minutes interacting with other network users through likes and comments, and repeat the operation after uploading your content. Programs that select the best hours and suggest hashtags. You can analyze your followers and establish what hours they should be most active taking into account from which country they connect to the internet or let some program do it for you. There are free, with a trial version, and paid. Some of these programs also offer hashtag proposals, indicating how many publications there are so far with those labels, to assess if it is a highly competitive label or if it is easy to be among the featured publications. 

Remember that on Instagram, in addition to following users, you can follow hastags. Applications to follow people who use a certain hashtag (may be reversible). There are many programs and applications designed to save you hours of work. And a type of application for Instagram allows you to automatically follow those who share one or more hagstags you choose. There are even programs that allow automatic unfollow after the indicated time (48 hours or a week, generally).

Before uploading an image or video in Instagram

Why unfollow? Because one of the things that you look at to estimate the engagement of an Instagram user is the proportion of followers and followers. It is in your best interest that the first ones win in number to the seconds from afar, or your account will be suspected of doing sub4sub, which causes great distrust in possible sponsors and when it comes to monetizing your publications in general. Buy views for IGTV. IGTV is a strong bet of Instagram, with which it seeks to compete with the giant YouTube. It is known that the algorithm that controls which videos are shown before takes into account the views that each video carries, and it is also expected that the IGTV format will gain more and more weight in the social network, and it may be the case that, in In the future, more content will be shared in it in video format than in static images. The way to start being visible with your videos on Instagram is to buy views for your first content in this format, but do it with your head. Grids or collages. Collages give an Instagram profile a neat look and better capture attention to something we are interested in highlighting. Try them and you will see. Layout is the official application, although there are other alternatives.Follow the same style in colors, filters.

Make your profile look professional

This, more than a trick for Instagram, is a tip if you want your Instagram profile to look professional. Try to use almost always a couple of filters or none, although you can be unfaithful from time to time. Similarly, if your personal brand or company has representative colors, use and abuse them, so that your wall is, in essence, your corporate color. Tag other users without spamming. Instagram is a social network, so it makes sense to tag people in some posts and mention other users as well. Well done, it cannot be considered malpractice. Tag your friends in that photo together and, once you have a respectable number of followers, mention the brand of whatever you show, even if they haven’t sponsored you.


Make yourself known. Buy followers if you need them. It has been proven that alarms do not go up or increase the number of new daily followers by 1000, although we advise you to go little by little and in a staggered way: while you are unpopular on Instagram you can go buying a few real followers, residents in the countries where your target audience is, and if possible, segmenting by theme. And when you have some relevance it will be time to ask yourself whether you need a good final push or not.

Create a network with your own sites: blog, channel, Facebook, etc. Get followers of one site to visit the other as well, and if possible subscribe. Advertise your Instagram on other social networks and on your blog or video channel, so that your followers see things that you do not count on them, and do the reverse operation, inviting you to obtain more information about a publication of yours on Instagram by visiting your blog, your channel or your IGTV video. Co branding. Co-branding is a marketing practice that consists of a temporary alliance between two or more brands with similar target customers but who could not compete. The typical example is that of washing machines and detergents. Co branding, if chosen carefully, is very profitable. Think carefully about who you want to partner with and ask before, establishing all the conditions in writing, as both of you will advertise to each other. Remember not to spoil your personal brand image for a bad choice in co-branding.

And so far this compendium of tips and the best tricks for Instagram for various purposes: reaching more people, being more influential, getting new sponsors or showing a more professional profile.

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