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Have you already made your selection of applications for Instagram? Take a look at these that I’m going to tell you about.

Let’s be honest, it is not an easy task at all.

The number of applications in general that we can choose from in Social Media is very large and varied.

If we specifically focus on the apps to use instagram we see that there are also many and very good ones that are offered to us.

As I tell you, the offer that surfs the net is very wide, with a multitude of options and of different types.

That is why, on many occasions, we fill up both the Smartphone and our favorites bar of applications that more than use them are adorned.

But I don’t want to overwhelm you!

For this reason, I have selected a compilation of 10 tools for Instagram that are very useful to me in my day to day to manage my Twitter accounts.

What can we do with these applications for Instagram?

  • Manage our accounts.
  • Organize the timeline in a column.
  • See the new followers and those who stop following us.
  • Schedule our publications.
  • Share third party posts.
  • Make flashy compositions. 
  • Add filters to photos. 
  • Analyze our data.

This selection of tools for Instagram that I have prepared for you, I have approached from a totally subjective point of view, having tried them all and giving me each one of them an optimal result in the demand of my daily needs.

Applications for Instagram

With that said, let’s get into trouble and reel in these tools a little more.

10 Instagram apps that will make your life easier


One of the best tools out there today to analyze our account.

It allows you to globally manage your account, so much so, that you can check if your follow is reciprocal, the total likes you receive, your most popular posts, the most used hashtags within the platform and many more options.

The big problem that arises now, is that for a couple of months, the application has become paid, so you can only enjoy it for a week before deciding to spend your money on it.


INK361 is a very powerful tool that has me in love.

It allows you to group followers in circles, create albums and manage your tastes by columns, much like the applications to manage Twitter.

It offers a multitude of features, such as seeing who returns the follow, the most popular tags or statistics regarding your account.

Currently I use this tool for the ease of use it has and the wide variety of options it has.

The great handicap of it is that it falls somewhat short in the statistics metrics and we must resort to other more specific applications for the results of our accounts on this social network.


Possibly one of the most popular managers, if not the most, of Social Networks.

For a few months now, it has been able to manage profiles on Instagram, as if it were Twitter, and also offers the possibility of programming all the publications you want.

Remember that Instagram does not allow publishing by third parties, therefore, to launch the scheduled publication it is necessary to have the tool application installed on your mobile.

In this way, when the scheduled time for publication arrives, your mobile will receive a notice from this app so that you are correctly logged in with the Instagram account and, thus, be able to make the publication in your profile.

If you want more information on how you can use this tool, here is a super Hootsuite manual.


Latergram allows up to 30 publications per account per month in its free version, being able to link up to two accounts at the same time.

Its operation is very easy, you just have to add the publication you want to publish, enter the hashtags, the description and schedule it on the selected day and time.

That easy!

In the same way as Hootsuite, it is necessary to be logged in to the Instagram account that you want to publish and that you have selected beforehand.

In this way, when the time comes to publish, the application will send you a notice to launch your publication.


Crowdfire is the favorite tool for many.

In it, you are allowed to observe the followers who have followed you and those who have stopped following you.

Likewise, show the fans, who are the ones who follow you but you don’t follow.

An excellent application to check if you have gained followers on Instagram or if, on the contrary, your number of followers decreases.

Crowdfire is, without a doubt, a classic that does not lose steam over time. If you decide on it you will have been fully successful.

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