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First of all, if you think that throughout this post you will discover the magic wand to get followers on Instagram in just 10 minutes, better stop reading. 

In this article I am going to give you some guidelines on how we can improve our strategy on Instagram to exponentially increase followers and that they are of quality.

Hey, if you are one of those who want to get followers on Instagram quickly, as if by magic and without sacrifice or work, after all they are the same, I recommend that you download the typical application that fills your account of bots and then tell us the level of engagement your posts have.

That said, Instagram has been on everyone’s lips for a season, news is not being produced in relation to this social network.

First the change of duration of the videos, then, the redesign of the application along with the logo (something that has generated many comments and that would give for an entire post), the new feed or algorithm and, finally, the arrival at the 500 million users.

Quality Instagram followers

Many of these news are very interesting to introduce in our strategy, to improve our results and therefore increase followers on Instagram.

So, throughout the following points, I will explain the strategic line that I usually follow in my profiles and that has given me very good results.

Strategy to get followers on Instagram

The profile

Although it may seem like a “truism”, you would be surprised by the number of people who do not have their entire profile filled out. 

It is significant that if we want to generate relationships with our community, we do not have a duly completed profile, this being the main entrance through which you will be known. 

What impression do you think you give if you do not have an updated and completed profile?  

Being the social network par excellence of the visual, it is curious to see how there are still accounts that do not have their corresponding photography.

Strategy to get followers on Instagram

Take advantage of the potential of this social network and select a photo that defines you perfectly and helps you have more followers on Instagram.

A trend that is taking a lot now, is the use of the Snapchat photo as a profile photo.

This strategy is induced to transfer followers of this social network to that of messages of a certain duration. 


There are 150 characters that go a long way.

Briefly explain what you do, and don’t forget to add icons and, if you have the option, some hashtag. 


It is the only link that you can add, and that is how Instagram works, since in your publications you will not be able to add links.

If you have a website or blog, it is the ideal place to add it.

If it is not your case, you can always add the link of any other social network profile, say Twitter, Facebook or Snapchat, among others. 

Select a theme

Instagram is characterized, in principle, by extracting the most human part of each of us, our daily lives, our passions, diversions and hobbies.

It’s what people want you to show.

If you like sports, as is my case, then put photos of your workouts.

This does not mean that from time to time you do not put pictures of a good eater, having a coffee (the Starbucks is usually a classic), or a getaway to the beach.

Ideally, and what people like most, is to focus on one theme and add one or two subtopics. 

For example, in my case, 95% of the publications are intended for sports, but within this theme I specialize in running, swimming and cycling, the three disciplines I practice. 

Quality of photographs 

If we are facing a totally visual network, it will be convenient for our photos to have a minimum of quality.

High Quality Photos on Instagram- What You NEED To Know!

I am not saying that they are professional or you are 20 minutes to take a valid snapshot like Essena O´Neil (that Australian model who closed her account because she wanted to make people aware that real life is not Social Networks).

But, please, have a minimum of focus, framing, sharpness… Instagram followers will thank you. 

The key to Instagram: hashtags

There are two Social Networks that stand out above the rest in the use of hashtags: Instagram and Twitter.

How To Use Instagram Hashtags 2020

But, if I had to choose one because of the potential and the visibility it offers, without a doubt, I would select Instagram.

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